About Lightning Audio


Lightning Audio was created in 1992, and immediately hit the jackpot with it's then revolutionary capacitors. Lightning Caps became a hot-commodity, and the company quickly moved into new areas of the market. Lightning Audio was voted an Inc. 500 company in 1997. We now sell source units, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and accessories.

Lightning Audio has always prided itself by working on quality competition-grade car audio gear, and setting the trends that the industry follows. By combining the highest quality design, engineering and R & D they constantly increase performance, making installs even more insane, but not insane prices.


Lightning Audio started out with capacitors back in the day, but we now stock everything from one end of the system to the other. Many companies imitate but few innovate. Lightning puts its money where it's mouth is by experimenting with new designs, new ideas to revolutionize the market of car audio. And we continually improve performance and design features. Our newest models offer more power and stability. We integrate new technologies and refine concepts to perfection.

Our commitment to competition grade audio has made us a favorite of competitors and those who just want good looking equipment that works even better.


We're insane about car audio. We like it loud, and we don't want it to stop. We want you to hear us and see us and go,' man, that's wild'. Our products reflect how crazy we are about it. We stay up at night for thinking about it.

Now visit your local Authorized Lightning Audio Dealer and find out for yourself.